WORKS We Deals In 1.Nagaland Coal 2.Arunachal Coal 3.Margherita Coal.

At Present Coal Of Nagland Of Three Grades Are Available. 1.Grade A GCV 7000 Plus Total Sulphur Less Than 3 Percent 2.Grade B GCV 6500 Plus Total Sulphur Less Than 3percent 3.Grade C

GCV 6000 Plus Total Sulphur Less Than 3.5 Percent The General Physical Characters Of Arunachal Coal Are Hard And Lumpy With Vitreous Lustre And Without Apparent Lamination. According To C.F.R.I. Reports, The Average Analysis Figures Of All The Available Coal Are: Ash 5-10%,Volatile Matter 38 To 42%, Moisture 1.8 To 2.5%, And Sulphur 2 To 3.59%.

The Sulphur Is Both Of Organic And Inorganic Origin. The Coal Has Extremely Low Phosphorus (0.001-0.008%). It Is A Highly Caking Coal, The Caking Index Varying From 17 To 24 (B.S.S.). The Swelling Index Varies From 2.5 To 4 And The Calorific Value Is As High As 11,970 To 13,410 B.Th U./1b. The Namchik Coal Is Physically Similar To The Margherita Coal, And Some Of The Namchik Coal Seams Contain Comparatively Lower Percentage Of Sulphur.

The General Range Of Variations In The Proximate Analysis Of Coals From Arunachal Coal Are : Moisture 1.9 To 3.7%, Ash 3.8 To 16.9%, Volatile Matter 39.2 To 46.7%, Fixed Carbon 39.0 To 51.0%, Caking Index 8 To 29, Sulphur 0.8 To 6.3%.

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