Ayurveda Is A Word Derived As A Combination Of Ayu &Veda. It Is Nothing But The Knowledge Of Health -€ŒThe Way Of Living”. This Is A Systematic Treatment Which Differs Itself From That Of The Symptomatic One. Here The Root Cause For The Disease Is Treated. There Is A Reference Of Aushadhis (Medicines) In Vedas Itself. Rushi Dhanvantari, Charak,Shushrutha, Vagbhatta And Other Seers Have Contributed To The Maximum Extent To This Field Of Science.

In The Present Age Sri Arogyam The Ayurveda Clinic, Based At Gopalapatnam Is Placing Its Gigantic Contributions In This Field. Swasthatha (Absolute Health ) According To Ayurveda Is The One Where Balance Exists Among Doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kafa), Agnis (Bhootagni Etc), Dhatus (Rasa, Raktha, Mansa Etc), Malakriys (Excretory Functions) Along With The Pleasure Of Soul, Mind And Organs. Basing On This Ideal, Sri Arogyam Aims For Its Bringing Back Of The Glory Of Ayurveda, The Ancient Science To The Mankind With Its Optimum Utility. Avoidance Of The Unnecessary Expenditure In Medicines, Investigations Etc Are Possible Only With Ayurvedic Approach. All The Medicines Of Ayurveda Have Zero Side Effects.

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