VASAVI ELECTRONICS Specialize In  Automatic Test Equipment , Automatic Test Equipment For Transformers , Automatic Transformer Tester , 200KHz Transformer Tester, Automatic Relay Tester , Automatic Test Equipment For Relays ,  Test & Measuring Instruments  For Transformers , Coils , Relays , Capacitors And Cables , Turns Counter , LCR Meter ,

High Frequency LCR Meter ,  Digital Turns Tester And Digital LCR Meter With Transformation Ratio Platform For Transformers , Coil & Transformer Test Equipment , Coil Testing , Toroidal  Turns Tester , Toroidal Turns Counter , Bobbin Turns Tester , Bobbin Turns Counter , Coil Turns Tester , Coil Turns Counter , Automatic SMPS Test System , Automatic SMPS Adapter Test System, Programmable Electronic DC Load 30A, Programmable DC Power Supply, 100KHz LCR Meters, 200KHz LCR Meters, Hi Pot And Insulation Resistance Tester, Handheld LCR Meter.

Vasavi Electronics Secunderabad

No.95, Road No.6a, Jyothi Colony
+91 91 40 277 44445 ,9397110777


Secunderabad (Telangana)
Company Company In Secunderabad
Test & Measuring Equipments Automatic Test Equipment For Coils
Automatic Test Equipment For Relays Automatic Test Equipment For Smps Ac-Dc Power Supply
Lcr Meters Turns Counters For Coils
Landmark : Telangana
Area : Secunderabad
Pincode : 500015
Founded On : 1979
Contact Person : Mr.K.Ranganath
Facebook Link:

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